10 Classic ’80s Sci-fi Moments: 10. ‘Time Bandits’

Art House Film Wire is strolling down Memory Lane and looking back at 10 classic moments of ’80s sci-fi!  Certainly, there are hundreds and hundreds of memorable scenes to choose, but after much blood, sweat and tears, here are 10 of our favorites!

It’s time to start, so let’s begin with “Time Bandits”!

“Time Bandits” (1981) – Director/writer Terry Gilliam’s fingerprints are all over this bizarre journey, as a band of time-traveling dwarfs recruit Kevin (Craig Warnock) to join them on their outta-this-world adventure.  While Gilliam employs his trademark steampunk visuals and tones, John Cleese plays Robin Hood, Ian Holm is Napoleon Bonaparte and other famous actors jump into the fray, including Michael Palin and Sean Connery.

Of course, most everyone has to avoid Evil (David Warner) who sports a sinister getup that will make Darth Vader run for cover, and Kevin has seen him up-close!   In our Number 10 classic clip, Kevin warns his mom and dad not to touch Evil “who” sits in their toaster oven, but do they listen?   What do you think?

Image credits: Avco Embassy Pictures; Clip credits: Edge of the Fringe

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