Just Because Wednesday, Movies at Home: ‘Fail Safe’

It’s Wednesday, so AHFW is featuring one of our favorite movies.  Why?  Just because.

This week, we’ll set our movie time machine back to 1964, the year of Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove”.   Sidney Lumet’s “Fail Safe” has a curiously similar plot, but without the zany comic tones.  This exceedingly-serious, straight-forward cold war picture – starring Henry Fonda and Walter Matthau – does carries a “Twilight Zone” look and feel but with no paranormal phenomenons.

Here, the grave spectacle is six American bombers inadvertently receive an order to drop nuclear bombs on the U.S.S.R.’s most famous city, as military leaders desperately try to call them back.  With WWIII a distinct possibility, the President of the United States (Fonda) is called in to avert the crisis and make big decisions.   Certainly, “Fail Safe” is a stressful thriller with nuclear holocaust as a fearful possibility, but hey, at least it will take your mind off of COVID-19.

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Image credits: Columbia Pictures; Trailer credits: YouTube Movies

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