Movie of the Week: ‘Wild Tales’

Our AHFW crew hasn’t traveled – like most folks – in months, but we’re happily (and virtually) trekking to Argentina for a modern-day classic….and our Movie of the Week!

“Wild Tales” (2014) – Wild is the definitive word when describing this wonderfully sadistic, sarcastic, and hilarious ride into six devilish tales of revenge from the mind of writer/director Damian Szifron.  Each story opens without fanfare or opening titles, jumps right into the daily lives of ordinary people, throws them life-changing curve balls, and lets the chips fall where they may.  Wholly original and terrifically smart, this roller coaster ride will make you laugh, cringe, and also very hopeful that none of these “Wild Tales” will ever happen to you!

Image credits: Warner Sogefilms; Trailer credits: Movieclips Indie

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