Celebrate ‘I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day’ with ‘Falling Down’

Have you ever been slighted at work?  Did you have a year go by without a raise?  Worse yet, have you ever been laid off?

Well, if you are frustrated with work, today’s politics or feeling paralyzed with the raging infernos in Australia, January 7 is your day.   It’s ‘I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day’!  To help celebrate, here’s a clip from 1993’s “Falling Down”.

“Falling Down” (1993) – Let go from his defense contract job and stuck on a Los Angeles roadway, William (Michael Douglas) leaves his car and walks across the city sporting a short-sleeve white-collar shirt, a tie and glasses last seen in a 1950’s elementary school classroom.  He is angry about his losing his job, losing his wife in a divorce and now he begins losing his temper during encounters with his fellow Southern Californians during a stifling hot day.

During his journey, William makes a stop at a fast food restaurant and is just looking for a little breakfast.   Doesn’t seem like a difficult request….

Image credits: Warner Bros. Pictures; Trailer credits: Movieclips

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