Movie of the Week: ‘Blood Simple’

With Frances McDormand lighting up Hulu and theatres in Chloe Zhao’s heartbreaking take on 21st century America in “Nomadland“, AHFW’s Movie of the Week dials back to the 20th century, 1984 to be exact and Ms. McDormand’s feature film debut “Blood Simple”.

“Blood Simple” – The Coen Brothers’ spectacular and sinister noir-offering takes big, bold steps in small-town Texas, a place where everyone knows your name, even if you wish that they didn’t.

Well, Abby (Frances McDormand) wishes that she wasn’t married to Marty (Daniel Hedaya) any longer and has an affair with Ray (John Getz).  Ray happens to work at Marty’s bar, so this tryst lands a little too close to home.  Oh Dear, it’s now complicated.  Add jealousy, a private investigator, gunplay, and some downright horrible misunderstandings (think of any “Three’s Company” episode but on steroids and cocaine), and the Coens deliver a perfect crime film with so much slow burn angst, you could reach out, grab it out of the air, and spread it on a peanut butter sandwich.

A must-see, and after 37 years, “Blood Simple” is still one of our favorite Coen Brothers’ pictures, and hey, this movie has McDormand, Nick Tortelli from “Cheers”, and the legendary M. Emmet Walsh!

⭐⭐⭐⭐  out of   ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Image credits:  Circle Films; Trailer credits:  StudiocanalUK

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