31 Scary Movies that are 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon: ‘Prince of Darkness’

“Prince of Darkness” (1987) – John Carpenter’s  biggest films are “Halloween” (1978) and “The Thing” (1982), but he’s delivered many more frightening flicks than his grandest tentpole movies.  “Prince of Darkness” is one of them, as he combines religious themes with an apocalypse scenario reminiscent of Romero’s zombie movies. 

Carpenter favorite Donald Pleasance plays a Los Angeles priest who invites a professor (Victor Wong) and his students to a monastery to examine a sizable can of bizarre, swirling green liquid. 

Well, the green goo drips some clues that it has devilish origins, so for “God’s sake”, can we leave this kooky can alone?   Maybe bury it in the backyard or fly it out to space.

Just asking.

Well, the fluid is sentient, and let the grand pandemonium begin…in tightest of quarters!

The pacing is a bit clunky at times, but no question, one of the Kings of Horror conjures some terrifying images and scares, and Alice Cooper even joins alarming show!  “Simon and Simon” star Jameson Parker – this time, with a moustache – plays the hero lead in a scenario where victory seems slight.

Say a prayer.  

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon:  3

Donald Pleasance stars in “Prince of Darkness” (1987)

Donald Pleasance stars in “Halloween” (1978) with Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis stars in “True Lies” (1994) with Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton stars in “Apollo 13” (1995) with Kevin Bacon  

Directed and written by:  John Carpenter

Starring:  Jameson Parker, Donald Pleasance, Victor Wong, Lisa Blount, Susan Blanchard, and Alice Cooper

Runtime:  101 minutes

Rated:  R

Image credits:  Universal Pictures

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