Remember Martin Landau in ‘Remember’ on Amazon Prime

Oscar winner Martin Landau passed away on July 15 at the age of 89, and his long, distinguished career spanned 64 years and over 170 roles in film and television.  A character actor by trade, he always seem to add intrigue to a picture by bringing a distinct flair of gravitas to his supporting performances.  One usually sat up a bit more in the theatre seat and paid stricter attention to the words spoken, when Landau appeared on screen.  Typically, his characters seem to carry more knowledge and comprehension of the given cinematic surroundings than meets the eye.

Recently, Landau offered a key supporting performance in Christopher Plummer’s vehicle “Remember” (2015), in which an Auschwitz survivor (Plummer) looks to even a score, and his best friend, Max (Plummer), aids him in his violent quest.

This purposefully dicey thriller is currently streaming on (free for Prime members), and ArtHouseFilmWire very much recommends that you catch “Remember” and remember Mr. Landau.

Image credits:  IMDB, A24;  Clip credits:  Tribute Movies

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