Celebrate Brendan Gleeson’s birthday with one of his best performances in ‘Calvary’

Brendan Gleeson turns 63 on March 29, and why not celebrate his birthday with one of his best performances!   In “Calvary” (2014), Gleeson plays a good and decent priest, who unfortunately is living under extreme duress in small seaside Irish community.   Although scenic beauty surrounds him at every winding, country road turn, almost all of the townspeople constantly spew hostility in his direction.

The biggest danger, however, comes from a man who enters his confessional box and threatens to kill him in one week’s time.   Writer/director John Michael McDonagh weaves a very dark “whodunnit” which plays like an old western as it marches towards Father James’s (Gleeson) date with destiny.   A surreal and difficult picture to watch, but McDonagh steps into beautiful noir.  Kelly Reilly, Chris O’Dowd and M. Emmet Walsh (Yes, that M. Emmet Walsh) co-star.  (Available on Amazon Streaming and Netflix DVD)

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Image credits: Fox Searchlight Pictures; Trailer credits:  Movieclips Trailers (YouTube)

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