April 12 – 15: Encore screenings of several Phoenix Film Festival competition films!

Each Phoenix Film Festival competition film plays three times during April 6 – 8, but if you had scheduling conflicts – via your kids’ soccer practice, another movie, The Masters, Wrestlemania, or just slumbered the weekend away – don’t worry.  The Phoenix Film Festival is showing encore screenings of several competition films from Thursday, April 12 through Sunday, April 15 at Harkins Scottsdale 101!

Other than the festival circuit, you probably cannot see these films anywhere, so Art House Film Wire recommends (if you have the time and means), take a day or two or three or four off from work and catch a movie or two or three or four…

Thursday, April 12:

10:20am – 11:50am   “Hunting Lands” – Winner: Best Director

12:30am –   2:00pm   “DriverX”

2:45pm –     4:15pm   “Forever ‘B’” – Winner: Best Documentary

5:00pm –    6:30pm   “The Idea of Manhood” – Winner: Best Picture, Screenplay


Friday, April 13:

9:00am – 10:30am   “Locating Silver Lake”

11:10am – 12:40pm   “Rich Kids” – Winner: Best Ensemble

1:20pm –   2:50pm   “Becoming Who I Was” –  Winner: World Cinema Best Documentary

3:30pm –   5:00pm   “Streaker” (“Flitzer”) – Winner: World Cinema Best Picture, Director

5:40pm –   7:10pm   “Up to Snuff” – Winner: Audience Award


Saturday, April 14:

9:05am – 10:35am     “Sinatra in Palm Springs”


Sunday, April 15:

9:35am – 11:05am     “All the Wild Horses” – Winner: World Cinema Audience Award

Here’s the link to see the full schedule, film descriptions and places to buy tickets.

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