‘The Captain’ leads a cinematic trip into dark, dangerous territory

“The Captain” – In April 1945, Herold (Max Hubacher), a young German soldier, is running for his life from his own army and some locals, however, in an incredible stroke of luck, he stumbles upon a pristine captain’s uniform.  He suddenly forms a brand new identity – with his new appearance – which commands respect, but can Herold convince his fellow soldiers and officers that he is a captain?

Hubacher delivers a highly convincing performance as a desperate man who must continually swallow his fear to survive, and over time, his anxiety transforms into something else.  Writer/director Robert Schwentke’s movie – filmed in black and white – hypnotizes and/or horrifies us during every step of Herold’s journey.

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Image credits: Music Box Films; Trailer credits: JoeBlo Movie Trailers

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