31 Scary Movies: ‘Demons’

“Demons” (1985) – Ever want to walk out of a movie?   Well, in director/co-writer Lamberto Bava’s “Demons”, Cheryl (Natasha Hovey), Kathy (Paola Cozzo) and other moviegoers want to run from one!  Actually they want run out of the Metropol theatre, because while they watch a scary movie, some of the patrons transform into mindless demons and look to claw and bite their victims to death.

To make matters worse, all the exits are blocked, and the demons seem to pop up from anywhere and everywhere.  They climb over chairs, jump from behind curtains, but curiously, they tend to ignore the concession stand.  In retrospect, that makes sense, because flesh-flavored Goobers and Raisinettes are not in stock.

Bava (director Mario Bava’s son), however, carries plenty of blood, green ooze and close-up shots of the carnage to delight horror movie fans and repulse those who would rather catch a rom-com.

Two nice guys – George (Urbano Barberini) and Ken (Karl Zinny) – join Cheryl and Kathy to find a way out of this claustrophobic trap, but answers are tough to find with armies of beings with three-inch fingernails and sharp teeth breathing down your neck.  Although, Bava does get wildly creative!

Even though the heavy metal and synthesizer-laced soundtrack is terribly dated, Bava employs terrific special effects that – almost – stand the test of time.  Just remember, the next time that you step into a movie theatre, locate the exits and make sure that they are not blocked.

Image credits: DACFilm Rome; Trailer credits: HD Retro Trailers

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