10 Quirky Comedies: ‘The Great Buck Howard’

Halloween is in our rear-view mirror, and November is here!  That means the holidays are almost upon us, and while we are busy with year-end work schedules, planning Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins and buying presents for December festivities, we could also use a good laugh!

Art House Film Wire has you covered.  Over the next 10 workdays, we’ll feature 10 quirky comedies and each one is just about guaranteed to bring you a smile during a most stressful month.   Ready, set…let’s get started!

“The Great Buck Howard” (2008) – “I love this town!”

These are the genuine words declared during each show by the traveling performing mentalist: the one, the only…The Great Buck Howard (John Malkovich) in writer/director Sean McGinly’s wonderful comic gem.  McGinly’s picture offers a sincere PG-rated atmosphere that feels like storytelling from a past era, as Howard hires a young assistant named Troy (Colin Hanks) to travel the country with him and perform scores of thankless jobs.  A public relations manager (Emily Blunt) softens Troy’s bumpy ride, but Howard’s OCD-rituals, enthusiastic handshake and abrasive persona never quite smooth out the young man’s journey.  A surprise A-list cameo makes a welcome appearance, and Buck Howard – with all his quirks – is one of Malkovich’s most memorable characters.

Yea, there’s a good chance that you will say, “I love this movie!”

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Image credits: Magnolia Pictures; Trailer credits: Movieclips Classic Trailers


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