10 Classic ’80s Sci-fi Moments: ‘RoboCop’

#6 – “RoboCop” (1987) – Clarence and his gang kill Murphy – Lathered with ultraviolence, wild special effects, outright terrific action set pieces, and some humor along the way, Paul Verhoeven’s “RoboCop” proudly holds up 31 years later and still towers over its sequels and one remake.

One of the many reasons is the old adage that an action film is only as strong as its villain, and whoa, does this movie have its lion’s share!  A gang, in fact, led by Clarence Boddicker played by the grumpy dad in “That ’70s Show”, Kurtwood Smith.

Clarence and his band of baddies are cruel dudes, as evidenced by their sick murder of Office Murphy (Peter Weller) during the first act.  Quite frankly, this scene sets the brutal tone for the rest of the film and cements Clarence Boddicker as one of the all-time best villains.  I’ll buy that for a dollar.

Image credits: Orion Pictures; Clip credits: Movieclips

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