10 Bad-Relationship Movies: 9. ‘Nebraska’

“Nebraska” (2013) – Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) is delusional.  He repeatedly attempts to walk from Montana to Nebraska to collect an alleged lottery prize, and finally, his son David (Will Forte) decides to save his dad from the continued pedestrian torture.  He drives him to Nebraska, and they make a dysfunctional road trip out of it in one of Alexander Payne’s (“Election” (1999), “Sideways” (2004)) signature dark comedies.

Even though Woody and David’s father-son despondent bond is in dire need of some cheer, his marriage to Kate (June Squibb) has twisted in total misery for decades.  He’s a mumbling, introverted alcoholic, and she unloads her resentment as often as she breathes.  Both Dern and Squibb earned Acting Oscar nominations by effectively portraying a couple that bathes in apathy and cynicism under a towering shadow of regret.   Woody may be delusional about most aspects of his life, but his thoughts about his marriage to Kate are dead on, and she reciprocates his bile.

If anyone questions their upcoming nuptials or has second thoughts about their existing marriage, “Nebraska” is the movie to see, because afterwards, you might instantly turn into a runaway bride or groom or scramble to download and promptly sign divorce papers.

Image credits: Paramount Vantage; Trailer credits: Bruce Huang

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