Our 10 favorite Oscar nominations: 7. ‘Vice’ – Best Picture

7. “Vice” – Best Picture – The Academy only nominated two of AHFW’s Top 10 films, as “Roma” and “Vice” are AHFW’s #3 and #6 films of 2018, respectively.   Of course, “Roma” seemed like an easy nomination, but Adam McKay’s “Vice” split audiences, so we are especially happy that the Academy included this wild biopic as a Best Picture contender.

Christian Bale transforms physically and seemingly spiritually into former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in a film that entertains, informs and horrifies.  McKay employs his similar snappy, wise-cracking style of “The Big Short” (2015) to “Vice”, but rather than dive into numerous stories, he centers on one of the most influential but extremely discreet political figures in recent memory.

Bale truly is uncanny and eerily analogous to V.P. Cheney, as we remember him over the last 30 years, but the picture explores his 20s, and it’s not complimentary.  Neither is the unflattering line that McKay draws from the Nixon White House to 2018, but the movie shows respect for this quiet man’s skill set, as well as his love for his family.  Amy Adams deserves a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her turn as Lynne Cheney, Dick’s motivating force and forever-champion.

Image credits: Annapurna Pictures; Trailer credits: ONE Media

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