Just Because Wednesday, Movies at Home: ‘Kitchen Stories’

Just Because Wednesday give us a chance to feature our favorite films, because….hey, just because!  This week is an oddball, playful import from Norway, director Bent Hamer’s “Kitchen Stories” (2003).  It’s just after WWII, and Sweden’s Home Research Institute – a technological leader in improving home efficiencies – wishes to understand the kitchen habits of single Norwegian men.

Who knows how they tick, right?

This pits an elderly hermit named Isak (Joachim Calmeyer) against Folke (Tomas Norstrom), who has been assigned as his observer during a frigid winter in an isolated, snowy village.  The weather plays the role of a third character in this already awkward circumstance and elevates the movie to a new level of comedic discomfort.  Hey, progress requires sacrifice!  Actually, experiencing “Kitchen Stories” is the exact opposite of sacrifice, so grab a space heater, a cup of hot chocolate, and a blanket and curl up with this unique little comedy.

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Trailer credits: Movieclips Classic Trailers

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