Celebrate World Table Tennis Day with ‘Top Spin’ on Amazon Prime

Many of us (or is it all of us?) are sequestered at home these days, so dreams of sold out sports arenas and stadiums are just distant memories at the moment.  Well, not too distant.  Anyway, April 6 is World Table Tennis Day, and although all the big tournaments are probably postponed, we could play ping pong in the comfort of our homes, right?

Well, in celebration of World Table Tennis Day, why not catch the 2014 documentary “Top Spin”!   Directors Sara Newens and Mina T. Son follow three American teens and their quests to compete in the 2012 Olympics.   This critic wouldn’t last 20 seconds in a match against Ariel Hsing, Michael Landers or Lily Zhang, but I certain enjoyed learning about these three great kids during this 80-minute documentary.

(Available to stream on Amazon Prime)

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Image and trailer credits:  First Run Features

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