Just because Wednesday, Movies at Home: ‘Cold War’

Every Wednesday, Art House Film Wire touts our favorite movies, because…well, just because!  This is especially true this week.   No, we don’t have a specific news tie-in or birthday to trigger a celebration of the Oscar-nominated  “Cold War” (2018), an intricately-constructed story of a dysfunctional relationship during the 1950s and 60s.

We just love this movie.

Now, director Alfonso Cuaron’s heavy favorite “Roma” (2018) won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, but Pawel Pawlikowski’s “Cold War” was not only our favorite foreign film of the year, but our #1 picture of 2018, period.

“Cold War” is available to stream on Amazon Prime (free for Prime members) right now and here’s the link to our original review: “Cold War” review!

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Image and Trailer credits: Amazon Studios

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