Arizona’s award-winning ‘Raising Buchanan’ arrives on streaming services, DVD and Blu-ray

“Raising Buchanan”, a wildly-conceived comedy about a woman who steals U.S. President James Buchanan’s remains to extract a big payday, is available to stream or purchase on May 5.  Entirely filmed in Arizona, writer/director Bruce Dellis’ movie debuted at the 2019 Phoenix Film Festival, and it won the Best Arizona Feature Award.

Rene Auberjonois (“Benson” (1980 – 1986), “Deep Space Nine” (1993 – 1999)) stars as the aforementioned president in one of his very last film roles, and Dellis also includes veteran character actor M. Emmet Walsh (“The Jerk” (1979), “Blood Simple” (1984), “Calvary” (2014)) to join in the madness.   At the center of it all, however, is Amanda Melby.  She delivers a quick-witted, charismatic performance as Ruth, the mastermind behind this highly-questionable but ambitious scheme.

The film – available on YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, and many more places – also stars Cathy Shim, Jennifer Pfalzgraff, Steve Briscoe, and Terence Bernie Hines.   For more information about where and how to see this film (that 10 won awards) can be found on the movie’s website:

Image credits: Cheese Board Productions, Trailer credits: Raising Buchanan

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