Celebrate Kurtwood Smith’s birthday with ‘Robocop’

Kurtwood Smith turns 77 on July 3!  Happy Birthday, Mr. Smith!  Now, his name may not ring a bell right away, but if someone mentioned Red from “That ‘70s Show” or Clarence Boddicker from the original “Robocop” (1987), it might set off a department store fire alarm, with everyone exiting safely, of course.

Since AHFW is a movie site, July 3 is definitely a day to celebrate “Robocop”.  Director Paul Verhoeven’s masterful – also surreal – science fiction picture includes a great story, a multitude of violence, a flawed but altruistic hero, and one of the best 20th century villains.  Clarence Boddicker, a psychotic urban-mercenary and a new breed of criminal, offered a disturbing introduction to movie audiences by saying to police offer Murphy, “You probably don’t think I’m a very nice guy.”

No, you aren’t, Clarence, but thank you for the memories.

Image credits: Orion Pictures; Trailer credits: RED Lion Movie Shorts

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