Happy Birthday, Valerie Pachner!

Happy Birthday, Valerie Pachner!  This Austrian actress turns 33 years young on June 26, so AHFW would like to recognize her outstanding work in Terrence Malick’s deeply affecting “A Hidden Life”, our #1 film of 2019!  (which is available to stream on Amazon Prime) Attached are: The link to AHFW’s original review:  Link An insightful interview at Cannes 2019 with her costar August Diehl “A Hidden Life” trailer Cannes 2019 interview: Trailer: Image credits: Fox Searchlight Pictures Classics; Clips credits: Festival de Cannes and SearchlightPictures

Malick shines a caring, admiring light on ‘A Hidden Life’

“A Hidden Life” – “It seemed no trouble could reach our valley. We lived above the clouds.” – Franziska (Fani) Jagerstatter (Valerie Pachner) Franz and Fani Jagerstatter (August Diehl and Pachner) have a beautiful life. This happily married couple own a farm, have three young daughters and much love is felt within their home and also with their supportive neighbors in the tiny village of St. Radegund, tucked away in an Austrian valley. They live openly in St. Radegund, but this community is generally unseen to the rest of the…