10 Bad-relationship Movies: 6. ‘Blue Valentine’

6.  “Blue Valentine” (2010) – The title of director Derek Cianfrance’s film is exactly what one would expect.  It’s a love story that goes south, and the unfortunate man and woman caught in the downward spiral are Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle Williams), respectively.  This young couple’s initial attraction to each other is clear, and marriage seems like a romantic forever-rendezvous and the most logical next step.

Altruistic bliss is their vision, but reality sets in during a five to six year-relationship, when money, alcohol abuse and the monotony of sharing your life with the wrong person builds mountains of regret and shows its face through apathy and verbal confrontations.

This movie is a miserable, brutal experience, but it acts as a warning shot to anyone who is contemplating jumping into a marriage based on butterflies-only rather than introducing at least some pragmatism.  So, that’s a positive.  Consider “Blue Valentine” a 1-hour 52-minute public service announcement.

Image credits: The Weinstein Company; Trailer credits: Movieclips Classic Trailers

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