Just Because Wednesday, Movies at Home: ‘Tracks’

This week’s Just Because Wednesday movie is not only one of our favorites, but the lead Robyn Davidson (Mia Wasikowska) takes social distancing to a whole new level.  “Tracks” is a taxing but rewarding and inspirational journey!

“Tracks” (2013) – “I’m the first to admit I’m remarkably unqualified for such a hazardous undertaking, but this is precisely the point of my journey. I’d like to think an ordinary person is capable of anything.” – Robyn Davidson (Mia Wasikowska)

Robin Davidson is a blonde, fair-skinned early 20-something, who “simply” decides to take on an mind-boggling 1,700 mile trek – on foot – through the Australian desert with only four camels and her dog in tow.

Wasikowska is excellent here and utterly believable as this deep-thinking loner with extraordinary resolve.  Throughout the course of the film, we learn about the pain of Robyn’s past while she trudges through the beating sun and endless stretches of sand in all directions.  This quiet picture packs a built-in inspirational true story, and director John Curran captures its beauty everywhere.  The desert might be harsh, but it brings out peace and introspection as Robyn and her five animal pals bond along the way.

Adam Driver also plays a key role as National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan.  He is smitten with Robyn and acts as her “protector” by placing water at various future points on her travels.  She, in turn, wishes him to simply go away, and Rick mentions to her, “I think you have a problem with people.”

Robyn does, but at the end of her travels, perhaps, she might overcome her apprehension of others.  For shy individuals, this – by itself – might be an equally hazardous undertaking, but of course, Robyn is capable of so much more.  (Available on Amazon Streaming)

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Image credits: Transmission Films, Trailer credits:  Entertainment One UK

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